Environmental 411
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Welcome to TEXESA Environmental 411 

Texas Environmental Site Assessments, LLC (TEXESA) has historically supported environmental consultants by representing vendors which provide regulatory database and historical research services for environmental due diligence projects.  TEXESA currently does not represent any vendors, however we can provide an unbiased opinion on various vendors and their products. 
TEXESA will continue to seek out the best products, services, and pricing to provide solutions for your due diligence projects.  In addition, our website shares various resources and information we have collected through the years performing environmental due diligence projects. When you have questions, why not work with a sales professional that truly understands the products and services you utilize for your Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and other environmental due diligence projects.

TEXESA currently is supporting environmental consultants by providing third-party review services and assistance with Phase I ESAs.
Let TEXESA be your partner is providing you environmental due diligence solutions.  Please contact us by email or by phone at 817-296-4466.
This page was last updated: August 8, 2013